Imagine you come across an ancient oil lamp as you walk through the desert. There is in a faint inscription on the side, caked in the sands of time itself. Gently, you rub the lamp’s side as so you can better read it, when: POOF! What would you ask for if you were granted three wishes from an Arabian Nights-style genie of old? Me, I suppose my very first wish would be for a Christian genie.

You know, just to make sure we’re on the same page and I’m not getting mixed up in any devilry or tricks. I would wish for a Christian genie instead of asking, because while genies must grant your wishes, there is no clause that I am aware of that says genies have to be honest. Lying is not an official sin, but it certainly isn’t good and it would my mind at ease to know my genie has the same fear of hell that as me!

Once that first wish is granted though and I know that my genie and I both acknowledge Jesus Christ as the son of God and the one true savior, I’ll be much more comfortable moving forward with further traditional wishes like a wish for a mountain bike or for a very sexy (Christian) girlfriend to love me.

I guess I would also ask how my genie got to be a genie and if being trapped in a lamp is hell to him because he was a sinner in his time on Earth, but only after I get that mountain bike and girlfriend.

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