I was in low spirits when I didn’t win the Powerball last week. Then, to my utter bejoyment, a miracle: nobody won! Meaning I still have a shot at winning the grand prize, which is of course a private tour of the notoriously secretive Mr. Powerball’s chocolate factory.

Oh boy!

mr powerball man

The only photo ever taken of Mr. Powerball.

I saw people lined up down the street to buy tickets this afternoon, so the chances must be one in a million. But I think I’ve got a decent shot! My whole office decided to pool our money together and buy lots of tickets to increase our chances of winning. I don’t know how all 116 of us will fit into that factory, but I’m sure Mr. Powerball has a plan. All I know is that I would give my last nickel for the chance to see the inside of that place. I’ve heard legend of Mr. Powerball’s molasses rivers, with gummy bears bigger than breadboxes. Grandpapa even told me that after they clock out, his employees get to nibble on their timecards made of white chocolate!

willy wonka image

I imagine it looks like this, whatever this is.

I can only imagine wading through a Sugar Swamp or climbing a Peanut Brittle Matterhorn. Whatever it is, I won’t be disappointed. I mean gee willikers, it’s Mr. Powerball the famous, reclusive chocolatier!

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until the drawing. I know I’m just a little girl from New York City, but golly I can picture it now. Wouldn’t that be just swell?

Do you think so, papa? Do you??

Images courtesy of French Toast Sunday and Shutterstock.

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