Dost my eyes deceive me? Cause I’m seeing lots of hate this morning for Chad, the newest ‘villain’ on this season of The Bachelorette. Uh, MSM, can you even hear yourselves? There’s a dude named Chad on The Bachelorette, he looks like this:
Chad Inline
And you’re gonna try to tell me he’s not cool as heaven? Honestly, dude, fuh off.

Truth bomb: I’ve only ever known helluh cool Chads in my life. There was Chad Thick, the head lifeguard of the swim club in my town where those 4 whole kids drowned in just one summer. Then there was Chad Doorfman, the captain of the lacrosse team at my high school who made a freshman eat his own shit out of a toilet. And then there’s Chad Thrash, head of BD at the company where I work. He once threw a piece of jagged glass at me as a joke. He’s literally the coolest in a long line of cool, awesome Chads I’ve known.

So what if this Chad called Bachelorette Jojo “naggy”? Chad Preston, another awesome Chad I know, once called his grandpa a “saggy ball bitch” and Chad Preston is awesome. Chad Preston’s family owns three homes and he still steals magazines from kiosk downtown cause money doesn’t matter to him. He’s a down to earth dude and I love him to death. Calling someone “naggy” isn’t enough to prove you suck and I straight up will not believe this is the first ever sucky Chad.

Rock on, Bachelorette Chad. I think you are one cool dude and I hope you bone Jojo (if that’s even what you want to do). Good luck, brother!

Images via ABC

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