Last month, I made the very significant and life-changing decision to remove my profile from Facebook. Honestly, I was getting addicted. Addicted to Facebook. I realized that if I wanted to care for me, I would have to take me off Facebook. So that’s what me did.

First, I composed my “Facebook farewell” post to inform my friends, family and mostly strangers of my departure:



Then, I took the plunge.


Whew! I thought I was out of the woods.

What I didn’t realize was that when I removed myself from Facebook, I was removing myself from other people’s Facebooks too. This is what happened on Day 4:


Wow. There it was in black and white: “Can’t. Tag.” This whole leaving-Facebook-for-a-month thing was already turning people’s lives upside down.


Day 8: In the break room at work, Jonah described a funny cat video to me. “Haha, that sounds great,” I said. “I’d love to see it.” “Sure,” said Jonah. “I’ll send it to you on Facebook.”


Jonah, assuming I’m on Facebook. I’m not. I went off Facebook for a whole month.

“I don’t have Facebook, I said.” 


Me, breaking the news to Jonah that I’m not on Facebook.

“Oh, okay. I’ll just email it to you,” Jonah said, putting on a brave face.


Jonah, hiding his devastation that I’m not on Facebook behind a tiny cracker.

DAY 15: I received this desperate text from my brother, David:


DAY 30: On line for coffee, I overhear someone say this: “Ugh, it’s so lame when people leave Facebook for a month.”

I assume this stranger is talking about me, solemnly nod and take this as my cue. I’ve rocked this community hard enough. Tomorrow, I rejoin Facebook. You can breathe. You can all breathe.

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