When I read that Chobani yogurt was full of protein, I of course ran out and bought a case. Protein is one of my favorite macronutrients and of course I love to get it from beef bones. I sat down with my first tub and peeled back the foil expecting the thick, meaty chunks of bone I’ve become accustomed to.

I was sorely disappointed. After swirling my spoon around for 15 minutes, digging to the very bottom of my yogurt tub, I finally decided that there were no beef bones. Obviously this was the result of a mistake at the Chobani factory – the yogurt’s label touted 14 grams of protein  – I’m sorry, you just don’t get that kind of ‘tein without hearty beef bones.


Assuming this was just a quality control error, I opened another one, sure I would find my sweet beef bones and spend the rest of the morning sucking yogurt off them. But it was just the same. No beef bones – not even a trace of beef flavor. What kind of mind game was Chobani playing? What cruel strip tease was this, wherein Lady Beef Bone peels away layer after layer never to fully reveal herself??

Finally I resorted to adding my own beef bones, which is fine, but I just wish Chobani weren’t liars. Dear Chobani: when you promise your customers beef bones you owe them beef bones.

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