It was a crisp, autumn morning. The sky was the bluest blue you’ve ever seen, bisected by bare tree branches like cracks across an icy lake. As I trudged into the Above Average offices, I turned my collar up against a cold wind but a chill still danced down my spine like a cockroach. I should’ve known our lives were about to be changed…forever.

We’d been tracking “Is Jon Snow Dead” news for weeks – was it weeks? was it months? felt like years – but so far, nothing. A few pictures of Kit Harington on set in Belfast, some lame news items about his hair length. That day didn’t seem any different than the others. I walked into the office, saw Peter and, just like I do every morning, lifted my eyebrows with reluctant inquisition. Peter shook his head, no. I shrugged.  We’d gotten used to the idea that until sometime in 2016, we’d know nothing about Jon Snow.


Little dribs and drabs like this grainy shit kept us fed for weeks…we had no idea what was coming. Winter was coming. That’s from the show. (Photo credit: via

Then BAM! – there it was: The Game of Thrones Twitter account tweeted a promotional picture of Jon Snow – bloody, for sure – but alive, goddammit! ALIVE! There was no mistaking it: that was Jon Snow’s strong chin and nose, greasy hair, pouty lips, stinky dead animal coat. And what’s more – what we never saw coming – the month we could expect to see him again: April.


Did you say…April? (Photo credit: via fanpop)

I didn’t have to tell Peter what to do. We’d run this drill so many times we could do it in our sleep. Katherine put on two more pots of coffee, I started brainstorming #BloodyJonSnow jokes for Twitter and Instagram and Peter ran up to the roof of the building to blow the Jon Snow bugle and begin the animal sacrifices.


Peter’s “Jon Snow” bugle. The kid’s been waiting all year to blow this baby.

Bloody Jon Snow. If I hadn’t seen that tweet with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it myself, kid. Bloody Jon Snow. Now we know for certain that Jon Snow is…in at least one episode of season 6 of Game of Thrones. Ain’t it beautiful to watch a show that brings popular dead characters back to life? Ain’t it beautiful, kid?

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