Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to branch out from the culture in which I was brought up and explore different traditions from around our wildly diverse and beautiful planet. These different cultures, social norms, and customs all stitch together to create the beautiful tapestry we call “the planet Earth”.

Which is why if you see me using chopsticks, just know it’s because I’m a worldly guy, and that’s just the way I’ve always eaten my oatmeal! It just feels right.

Uck. Only swine eat oatmeal with spoons.


I don’t know, I guess it’s sorta quirky and weird, but since I’m so urbane and willing to let life take me through its chaotic and beautiful path, using chopsticks just a little thing I picked up along the way. Is oatmeal typically eaten with chopsticks? No. Do they even eat oatmeal in cultures that use chopsticks? Indeed they do, with a spoon. Is eating oatmeal with chopsticks in any way practical or efficient? Not even close.

But neither is the planet and life and the cosmos, so I’m all about just going with it! Plus, picking out the craisins from the oatmeal is a lot easier with chopsticks, so there’s give and take.

Call me weird, call me a crazy wanderer, call me whatever you’d like. But I know deep in my heart that we’re all human, and the things I’ve learned in my travels about other cultures have made me into a more complete human being. I will admit, however, that soy sauce and wasabi isn’t the best with oatmeal—but hey, who am I to judge another culture?

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