Last night, the comedy community was devastated to learn that Parks and Rec executive producer/Humblebrag creator Harris Wittels died from an apparent drug overdose. There has been an outpouring of love and remembrance over the past 24 hours from friends and fans. In honor of Harris, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tweets, television and podcast appearances from him. If you’re not familiar with his work, it’s time to catch up. Rest in peace, Harris.

King of Twitter: In addition to being the father of #HumbleBrag , Harris was sharp and observational about his thoughts on the world. This is just a taste:



Harris The Animal Control Guy: As a Parks and Rec writer, Harris only made it onto the show a few times, but his appearances as a pot smoking, care-free animal control guy were hilarious.



The HumbleBrag Campaign: When Harris promoted his book Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, he enlisted the help of the Park and Recs cast:


Harris’ Phone Corner: Harris made many appearances on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. His most famous bit ‘Harris’ Phone Corner,’ (which eventually became ‘Harris’ Foam Corner’) involved him telling half written, mostly bad jokes he texted to himself. Based on how bad the jokes were, Scott Aukerman would take a poll asking if Harris should be allowed back on the show. The best part is how the guests and Scott react to these jokes. They groan, and Harris loves it. Although in this particular episode, Michael Cera is into it.


Analyze Phish:  Harris’ only mission on the Analyze Phish podcast is to convince his friends to like Phish. You don’t even have to like the band to enjoy this insanity:


You Made It Weird With Pete HolmesHarris and Pete have a long talk about comedy, girls, and drugs. It becomes abundantly clear that Harris is struggling with addiction, but holy shit, the man is funny. Take a listen here.

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