Greg Brangle wasn’t trying to be a hero when he and his girlfriend, Gwen, came home from a heavy meal of fondue and beer and he successfully stuffed his soft, half-erection all the way into her vagina. In fact, neither he nor Gwen thought it could really happen.

“He was sort of lightly squishing the tip into me for five or ten minutes and honestly, I thought that was as far as he could go.” But then something pretty amazing happened. “Greg just kept wiggling and stuffing and eventually, his floppy hard-on was all the way in. It was…fine.”


This is one of those waving car wash guys filled with air, flopping all around.

For his part, Greg says he just took it “one inch at a time” and tried “not to overthink it.” Did he ever want to stop and try to get his penis fully hard to make this easier or more pleasurable?

“Well…there was an episode of Malcolm In The Middle playing in the background and with all that goofy, snappy dialogue and general wackiness getting fully hard wasn’t really an option. I just decided to work with what I had.”

So what’s next for Greg and Gwen? “Well neither of us has seen that PBS show The Great British Bake Off…” Gwen hinted. “Yeah, maybe we’ll put on some sweatpants, watch six hours of that and see what, uh, heh-heh, what happens,” Greg giggled.


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