When I first heard that Apple would not be paying its artists for the first three months of its music streaming service, I was finishing up my thirteen-hour factory shift making iTouches in Shenzhen. I thought, “How can this be? How could Apple, a company known historically for treating its laborers with fairness, allow such an injustice to occur?”

I thought I had misheard. Mostly because my hearing has been so severely damaged from the metallic drone of the polycarbonate generator. But no, it was true.

My days were consumed by worry. On my lunch break, I would sometimes spend the entire 7 minutes checking Billboard.com on my Galaxy (I can’t afford an iPhone) to keep up with the story.

Like me, I have to imagine these musicians are living in a one-bedroom apartment alongside 8 other people. They need this money to send home to their younger siblings, who depend on them for food! When I turn on my Memorex CD Player (I can’t afford an iPod) to listen to Fall Out Boy, I want to know that these artists are being compensated fairly.

Then, like a red-lipsticked white knight, Taylor Swift came along and took a stand for what was important. In a single Tumblr post, she used her powerful influence for good and held Apple accountable for their actions. Finally, someone standing up for the little guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Sorry, I passed out for a second on my keyboard, from the headaches.

But anyway: she was successful! She stood up for the important issues and Apple listened. Taylor gives people like me, a 19-year-old girl with early onset osteoporosis from standing all day, hope for the future. I won’t be able to listen to these musicians (I can’t afford Apple Streaming) but if I could: I would gladly fork over my $22-a-day paycheck to support these now-fair business practices. The last time I felt this happy was back in 2011 during that period of six days when our factory went explosion-free.

So thank you Taylor Swift, and thank you Tim Cook. I can spend my allotted 4 hours of sleep at night knowing Flo Rida and LMFAO are getting paid for their art. I may not have any thumbs left, but if I did… they’d be way up for Apple.

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