Since her recent fall at the Beijing premiere of Hunger Games: Mocking Jay – Part 2, I’ve been noticing a distinct increase in eye-rolling whenever Jennifer Lawrence is mentioned. I know we go back and forth about this but I’m just checking in – should I start hating this bitch again?

I know that when she first happened, we all really liked her because she was good in Winter’s Bone and we were like, who’s this? Her face flesh is new…yeah…yeah we like her. But then she was in the Hunger Games and she started being so popular so we were obv like OMG we HATE HER. But then she was in Silver Linings Playbook and she was always making goofy faces on the red carpet and she was the victim of leaked nude photos and as we squinted at her perfect, naked body splayed across that dingy couch we realized…Jesus Christ….we absolutely fucking love her.


Is this awesome or just straight up rude? Plz advise. (Photo credit: Reuters via

It just feels like it’s been a while since we collectively decided that a performance or a quirk of hers has morphed all that good will into ice cold hatred. If we’re sticking with loving her, I’m fine with that, I just wanna know if when I talk about her I should be like, “Oh! Jennifer Lawrence!” or like, “Oh. Jennifer. Lawrence.”

Do we still think the red carpet/awards show falling is funny and humble and cute? Or are we starting to suspect that it’s intentional and thus a contrived attempt to cultivate the image of humility and thuuuuus THE MOST NAUSEATING REPREHENSIBLE FUCKING BEHAVIOR WE HAVE EVER SEEN? Meh, I could go either way.


This is hilarious, right?? Or…no, it’s such total pandering, right? I’m so lost…(Photo credit: WireImage via

My personal opinion of JLaw evolved something like this: Who? Oh, her. Was she in The Lovely Bones? Oh…is that different? Is she pretty? We think she’s pretty? This is good acting? She’s so flat. IS this good acting? Huh, she’s pretty funny. Oh man, she’s such a good actor. Natural. Understated. Damn yo, she’s so fucking hot. It’s so messed up about those nude pics….where do we find them? WOAH. WOAH WOAH. Is Joy gonna be any good?

So I just need some guidance. Obviously I’m down for whatever you guys decide and will happily throw up on Facebook and comment “lol.” But lemme know. I don’t wanna be the only one not calling her movie Sucking Jay – Part Poo.

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