Is there anyone among us whose heart doesn’t swell at the sight of exceptional athletic achievement? In a field largely dominated by men though, time and time again it is the female athletes that drop our jaws the lowest, overcoming not only their fellow competitors, but the institutionalized misogyny inherent to broad sports culture. No matter which nation’s victories we take pride in as women take the world stage during this summer’s games, there’s one thing we can all agree on: it sure was nice of all those husbands to let their wives compete in the Olympics!

I mean, how nervous must all those wives have been before asking their husbands if they were allowed to participate in the Olympic games? All those years of commitment and training could have been for naught had their husband said they were not allowed to go to the Olympics, attendance at which a husband would have been perfectly reasonable in forbidding — especially if the woman is a mom. (A husband doing kid stuff? I don’t think so.)

What an admirable and generous thing for those husbands to do, letting their wives go play their little games. The Olympics should give these ladies an extra gold medal to pass along to their patient and heroic husbands for letting them attend in the first place, and make sure to mention all their husband’s accomplishments in the same breath as their own. After all, they wouldn’t be at the Olympics at all if their husbands hadn’t said it was okay!

Like the Olympics themselves, media coverage of the Olympics reminds us that this a good world we live in.

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