Throughout this election cycle, there have been critics saying that my father — Donald J. Trump — is unrelatable. They say that his privileged upbringing and the opportunities afforded to him in youth make him out of touch with today’s voters.

These critics just don’t know my dad the way I do. Donald Trump is just like any other hard-working American father who is sexually attracted to his daughter.

All over this country, good fathers, proud fathers are working their fingers to the bone in order to support their families, only to see their job security evaporate around them due to an unprecedented influx of immigrants, and fat-cat businessmen moving labor overseas. Many of these fathers have to work two or three jobs just to put food on the table. Some want to have sex with their adult daughters. Those are the ones my father is most like.

As November draws closer, I ask my father’s critics to look themselves in the mirror and ask if they themselves want to fuck their daughters. (I know I’m preaching to the choir to those that do.) But to those that don’t, to those American men who are repulsed and offended by the idea and suffer no such sickness of the mind and heart as Donald Trump, I say that my father is also much like them: because my father has never had sex with me. He just wants to, very badly.

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