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I would have LOVED to play perverted jokes on the cast and crew of Batman.

I gotta hand it to Jared Leto – he’s really milking this whole ‘playing The Joker in Suicide Squad’ thing. And yes, playing The Joker is a thing – it’s Hollywood’s equivalent of playing Hamlet. The role is dark, twisted and thanks to Jared Leto it now gives you the right to behave like a disgusting high school sophomore and blame it on a movie role. I just regret I played The Joker before it was an excuse to be totally insufferable.

I love being a little scummy — wearing sunglasses inside, smoking, once I bashed in a man’s windshield. But Leto’s out there sending his cast mates dead pigs and used condoms. I mean wow, what truly childish behavior disguised as somehow artistically necessary. I would LOVE to know that Margot Robbie is handling a condom I sent her. But when I was playing The Joker, it wasn’t yet an reason to be total garbage.

Oh well. As Cher would say “If I could turn back time, I would send the entire cast of Batman little vials of my seamen and skid-marked boxers.” But so we beat on, boats against the current.

And, Margot, if you’re looking, I know another ‘Joker’ who’d love to play a ‘trick’ on you.

I mean I will mail you my sperm.

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