Hey hey, ghost of Jane Austen here! Happy Firthday (lol) to me! I’m 240 today but not really because I’m dead/a ghost. But ghosts can still make wishes so for my birthday I wish for you NOT to read one of my books.


Jane Austen loves Connie Brittion but who doesn’t? Image via Nashville Wiki

Ok, before you all freak out – my books are good. But there are other, very good books by women. I’m not shitting on myself here – as Rayna James of TV’s Nashville says “There’s enough sunshine for all of us.” Man, I love Nashville. Fact: ghosts can watch TV!

Ugh, guys, it’s just – you can read one of my books and you pretty get what I’m about. I deal with a lot of the same themes in all of em. Plus, my stories are so pervasive in pop culture I feel like if you’re a reasonably educated, plugged-in person, you get it. Someone’s poor and in love with someone rich (or vice versa). There’s a lot of not ‘knowing’ you’re in love and money and rules and society and at the end everyone gets married. Again, good stuff. But I’m trying to spread the sunshine a la Rayna. Connie Britton is my jam.


Jane Austen cannot get enough. Image via Allure.

Instead of Persuasion, check out Wuthering Heights, Their Eyes Were Watching God or Ariel by Sylvia Plath. How about some Toni Morrison? Oh, or I’ve heard people really dug that Miranda July book. Those are some good options.

If you INSIST on experiencing me in some way today, watch the BBC Pride and Prejudice (duh, sorry, Keira). Or watch Clueless! Did you know Clueless is based on Emma? It is! Great screenplay, really holds up well. So watch that. Or just go about your day. Just don’t read one of my books.

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