Jeff Ross And Kevin Hart Don’t Hold Back In “Roast Of Justin Bieber” Teaser

The gloves are off, though they were never really on. The media’s been roasting Justin Bieber since he hit puberty. Now it’s Jeff Ross’ turn. In these teaser clips, Jeff and Kevin are clearly about to give Justin the “ass whoopin’ he deserves.”

Jeff Ross teaser:


Kevin Hart teaser:


Jeff and Kevin aren’t the only ones who burned Bieber. Here are some of the best jokes of the night:

“I’m proud of you. You have it all. You literally are a guy who has it all — except for respect, love, friends, good parents, and a Grammy.” –Chris D’Elia

“Justin Bieber wants to be black so bad, he’s actually seen Kevin Hart’s movies in theaters”-Ludacris

“Justin’s fans are called Beliebers because it’s politically incorrect to use the word retards.” –Natasha Legerro

“Last year you were ranked the fifth most hated person of all time. Kim Jong-un didn’t even score that low, and he uses your music to torture people.”-Shaquille O’Neal

“When you get to the county jail, hear me, you’re gonna be the first dude who ever had a girlfriend and a boyfriend named Gomez.”-Snoop Dogg

“They say that you roast the ones you love, but I don’t like you at all, man. I’m just here because it’s a real good opportunity for me.”-Hannibal Buress

“Justin you have no idea what you’re in for. I’m sure it’s great to have 60 million followers on Twitter, but the only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower.”-Martha Stewart