During an interview between People Magazine and Cara and Mady Gosselin, it was revealed that Jon Gosselin is still a person and that Yahoo! is still a news site. The Yahoo “interview,” which the girls mentioned in their real interview, profiled Jon in his new single life as a “DJ.” When reached for comment, both Jon and Yahoo! said they felt “dirty” but “what happened, happened.”

“I didn’t want to talk to Yahoo!, but that was my only option. To speak to what is essentially a browser search bar about my life. I was drunk, I hadn’t been in the news in a while, I made a bad decision, I don’t know what else to say,” Jon said.

Yahoo! was equally disappointed in it’s decision: “If we want to be a news outlet someday, we have to make better decisions. We need to write news about newsworthy things. Not about a guy who was once on a reality show and now DJ’s weddings. That’s not a story, it’s not even close. We were dumb. We’re sorry for what we did.”

Both Jon and Yahoo! promised not to make the same mistake again but actions speak louder than words. There aren’t any fans of Jon or Yahoo, but if their were, they’d be disappointed right now.

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