Davis St. Durst, the world’s last man using the word ‘verklempt’ because of the Mike Myers sketch, died in a base-jumping accident earlier this week. St. Durst was 41.


“Davis was one of those guys who didn’t quiiiiite get it” – Cheryl Beevstue

“He loved saying ‘verklempt’ instead of sad,” explained his ex-wife Cheryl Beevstue. “Even after it had sort of passed out of popular consciousness, Davis was quoting that sketch. It’s a funny sketch but, you know when everyone sort of collectively agrees that a reference has run its course? It just doesn’t feel zeitgeisty anymore? Yeah, Davis didn’t have that cultural awareness.”

Davis also loved quoting Sleepless in Seattle, and his favorite food was Combos.

“He just loved these older things that people don’t even feel nostalgic for. His references always felt passé as opposed to ironic,” St. Durst’s boss Jenny Crunch remembered. “He would quote things and laugh when no one got it, but I think we were all right not to get it. Nice guy but really… I dunno, off the mark.”

St. Durst asks that everyone avoid getting verklempt at his funeral and everyone was like, “JUST SAY SAD.”

Images via Shutterstock, NBC

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