In world where everything seems to be turning upside down, last night’s Emily Blunt-hosted Saturday Night Live reminded us that some things never change. Specifically, the thing where SNL is very funny. And maybe only that. Here are five of our favorite moments from the episode.

5. Chonk: Just what the world needed: a vaguely insulting clothing store for women with normal human bodies.

4. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open: Kate McKinnon as Hillary and Alec Baldwin as Trump are back for a take on the second presidential debate that is somehow only marginally more ridiculous than the real thing.

3. Bruno Mars: 24K Magic: Bruno Mars barely makes it out of his dressing room in time to take the stage and do Bruno Mars things.

2. Honda Robotics: Food-serving robots played by Emily Blunt and Mikey Day remind us that robot servants might be the future, but they are probably not the present.

1. Melanianade: Donald Trump gets the “Lemonade” treatment from the loyal women in his life, led by his wife Melania, played by Cecily Strong.

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