Following in the footsteps of their successful Jungle Book remake, Disney has decided to film a live-action reboot of The Lion King. Unlike the 1994 animated film, Disney will be using real-life animals to play the parts of the beloved characters. Sadly, the lion cast in the lead role of Simba was fatally shot yesterday by none other than Donald Trump Jr.

Bert the lion, a rising star in the animal acting world, had his life cut short when Trump Jr. interrupted rehearsals for the film and shot the creature with a rifle.

Trump Jr. seemed unfazed by the horrified expressions of Bert’s trainers as he went to collect his prize. Kneeling down next to the lifeless creature, he threw his arm around it proudly, giving a thumbs up. He was accompanied by his brother Eric, who took out his phone to get a photo of Trump Jr.’s catch.

“Say cheese!” said one sociopath to another, taking several pictures. “That’s gonna look awesome on your mantel!”

Despite this upsetting turn of events, Disney will move forward with it’s plans for the film, although they will not be disclosing any more casting information for the animals’ safety.

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