Shonda Rhimes is the magical wizard behind your favorite TV shows: Grey’s AnatomyScandalHow To Get Away With Murder. All are twisty dramas that revolve around insanely ambitious main characters who are incredibly strong yet plagued with vulnerabilities that dovetail disastrously with their careers. We got our sneaky hands on some hot deets about her upcoming shows and are going to share them with you, you Shonda-hungry hooligans.

Dime Bag – Drug-dealing, high-powered DEA Agent, Derek Bag is the best in the biz because he goes after drug criminals hard. Imagine Derek’s surprise when he picks up a new case file and has to go after himself. The tangled web he weaves while pursuing his own clues that he leaves for himself isn’t nearly as twisted as his sexual relationship with the very drug king pin who’s the reason he joined the DEA…and the reason he started dealing drugs. Starring Wentworth Miller and S. Epatha Markson.

Bless Me Father For I Have A Hypothesis – Taye Diggs stars as Father Darwin, a high-powered priest who’s the best in the biz because he goes after sinners hard. All day it’s God, God, God but at night Father Darwin is a world-class scientist, publishing under the name Pré Formi. What happens when Darwin’s intensely sexual relationship with God gets in the way of his scientific discoveries? Ratings. That’s what happens.


God works in mysterious ways, but science is really wacky.

Missed Signals –  High-powered air traffic controller Penelope Lané is the best in the biz because she goes after airplanes hard. She’s got a perfect safety record and doesn’t make mistakes…when she’s awake, that is. Penny’s narcolepsy is part of what makes her such a genius air-traffic controller, but it’s also what makes her highly sexual relationship with pilot, Jordan Gull so explosive.


Dirty Talk – Nobody is a better sex therapist than high-powered Jasmin Gi. She’s the best in the biz. But what she goes after too hard is her own sexual pleasure – she’s a sex addict. And nothing could be more incendiary than the sex she has with her sex therapist, Mort, who’s also a sex addict. Starring Jasmine Guy as Jasmin Gi.


How can she GIVE advice when she’s the one who NEEDS advice?? Maybe that’s why she gives such good advice…

First In Flight – A spinoff of Missed Signals, this show is about high-powered female airline pilot Jordan Gull who is secretly a bird.

Killer Teacher – World-renowned murderer Jeesica Lindt is secretly teaching law classes about murder.

First, Do No Harm, Robot – If you’re looking for a high-powered plastic surgeon who’s the best in the biz then look no further than Dr. Samantha Jergens-Robot, the robot who gives the best face lifts this side of the robot factory. But when the American Medical Association catches on that she’s a robot, she has to conceal her identity and keep her practice alive…all while maintaining a white-hot sexual liaison with a robotic arm at the factory across town. The factory that just happens to manufacture robots.

Indiana Jones – A high-powered history professor is secretly an adventuring Nazi-fighter named “Indiana.”

False Positive – Liah Pinnochio (Zoe Saldana) can operate a polygraph better than anyone in the polygraph business. Some say she’s the best in the biz. There’s only one problem – this high-powered polygraph operator is a pathological liar. Imagine her surprise when she opens a case file and discovers she has to put the polygraph on herself.


“I cannot tell a lie…to MYSELF??” this is a quote from the main character.

Book ‘Em – Rosario Dawson stars as Robin Banks, a best-selling crime novelist who robs banks by following plans she details in the books that she writes. Nobody seems to spot the pattern.

Back Of The House – Jean Chu is a French-Chinese American chef who is the absolute best in the food biz, except for his deep and primal fear of fire. Jean spends every day creating legendary, high-powered plates of food and running screaming from the kitchen when he sees a flame.

The Ego And The Sid – Sid Ondacowch is the best psychologist in the biz, but secretly, her life is a mess. The irony is, she could really benefit from a good psychologist herself.

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