Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey Lego. Mariah Carey Lego… BATMAN? Commissioner Gordon casting. Mariah Carey Lego Batman Commissioner Gordon casting.

Everything is pins and needles and I can no longer lift my right arm.

Mariah Gordon. Commissioner Lego. Me. I Am Batman… The Elusive Chanteuse. Is this a stroke?

Margo CARman. Commissiah Garey. Legioner Batdon. Batgo Gorcom. Casting casting fandom. Batman fandom. Fanman Batdom.

I have fallen off my chair, please call the amblueance.

Licensed property, fan reaction.


Please call 911 for me, my fingers aren’t working like normal. (shutterstock)

San Diego Comic Con. Sandy Lego Carey Con. Carny Barney Sandman Movie. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt.) Commissioner Gordon-Levitt. DC Comics Marvel Studios. Mariah Comics? MC Comics Nicki Minaj beef. Very bad headache now with nosebleed too. I sit on the floor and wait for ambplereance.

Batfleck. Zack Snyder Snyder Man. Snuper Man Nubian. Miles Morales. Black Spider Man? Venom spinoff Topher Grace. Gritty. Gritty gamer Catwoman. Halle Berry. Halle Carey. Mariah Berry. Berry Berry Kix Kick-Ass 2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson? AMC Preacher ORIGINAL trilogy.

Mariah Carey Commissioner Gordon. 48FPS MMORPG. Phil Lord Christopher Miller Jump Street. MIB Sony leak Warner Brothers property.

Ninjago? No: Bazinga reboot.

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