Happy National Junk Food Day! In honor of this wonderful occasion, we’re paying homage to some of Liz Lemon’s greatest moments; because who better to be the face of National Junk Food day than the woman who eats “night cheese“? Without further adieu, here are 13 Junk Food Gifs feat. Liz Lemon:

13. What everyone wants to say when they hear that “a guy wants to buy you a drink”:

Liz Lemon 14

12. When Liz Lemon is running through the airport for love, she’s hesitates to get through security because she doesn’t want to give up her Teamster sandwich. 
Liz Lemon 13

Yes you can, Liz Lemon. Yes you can.Liz Lemon 8


11. Liz says to Paul what we’re all thinking:
Liz Lemon 12

10. Eating a hamburger on the floor is what we want to do every day:

9. The question we always want to ask:
Liz Lemon 9

8. No one can shot gun a pizza!
Liz Lemon 9


7. “And then all the kids say ‘Thanks, Meatcat!'”
Liz Lemon 6

6. This is a very very important trick to eating a cupcake:
Liz Lemon 5


5. Who we all want to talk to:

Lemon pizza


4. Don’t you dare eat Liz Lemon’s sandwich:
Liz Lemon 4

3. Dealbreaker:
Liz Lemon 3

2. When you’re at a birthday party and you stay there until the end:
Liz Lemon 2

1. You go, Liz Lemon!
Liz Lemon 1


Happy eating, everyone!





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