Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you saw on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual reading.

“And more crunches please.”
– Lauren Disdale


“When I need to zone out and generate ideas I like to watch a surf video like this. Unfortunately sometimes the surfers talk, so I have to turn the sound off:”
– Joanna Bradley


Lord Of The Rings Nerd Alert
– Kelly Harper


“My friend Steve does this comic called Little Boys Room and it’s so funny. Here’s my favorite:”
– Glenn Boozan

Image via Little Boys Room

Image via Little Boys Room


He’s infecting our youth…with cryptic EDM. Noooooooo!
– Jordan Edelstein


“Finding out you have a snow day in the best possible way. Hint: It’s Adele-inspired.”
– Courtaney Craig


“Emotionally, I’ve been better.”
– Gillian Spear


Breakfast in Bed!”
– Gillian Spear


“This. Is. Amazing!”
– Celeste Ballard


“This woman may have seen one too many episodes of Man in a High Castle. Old people are funny.”
– Cole Patterson


“These Ringwraiths are about to drop the hottest Boys II Men cover album this side of Middle Earth.”
– Cole Patterson


“and for my last trick… the cutest thing on the internet”
– Jay Cohen



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