Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week?

Tracking Your Turtle

“Keep losing your turtle? Try this.”

– Benjamin Baldwin 


Mutant Giant Spider Dog

“I usually despise pranks, but well done, Chica the DogSpider.”

– Carl Baker



He’s the Greatest Dancer

– Matt Moskovciak 


Patricia Lockwood Grub Street Diet

Patricia Lockwood, poet/internet sensation, writes a Grub Street Diet column that had me ROFLing and barfing (with laughter!) all over the place:

‘Friday, August 22NO BREAKFAST. Breakfast is a fool’s meal and I would rather be poisoned than eat a single bite of breakfast. Everything about it is baby food except for the vulgar American meats, which seem to have been carved straight off Paul Bunyan’s own ass.’

The whole thing is a must read.

– Celeste Ballard


Florida Man Steals Sunshine

“If the @_FloridaMan Twitter feed doesn’t have enough Len for your liking.”

Eloise Head


Long Live Flip Phones

T9 for life.

– Cathy Lew



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