Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you’ve seen on the internet this week?

Horrible OK Cupid Dates

“The guys at Live @ the Apartment are probably going to get evicted for holding these shows soon. But until they’re out on the street, you can watch the whole show on YouTube.”

– Josh Poole


– Kelly Harper

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The most talented break dancer:

“You will never be as cool as B-Girl Terra, deal with it.”

– Caroline Chewning 

I Owe Larry David Money

“We’re probably not getting any new Curb Your Enthusiasm any time soon, so this TripTank sketch is just what we need.”

– Carl Baker


The Alternate Ending to Tyrion’s Speech 

“SPOILER ALERT. King’s Landing’s justice system sucks, but they have good music.”

– Ryan Spears

“Careless Whisper” pump-up music

“Wham! and baseball is a winning combination.”

– Cathy Lew

A tribute to all the low-budget productions of Beauty and the Beast

“Having done a lot of community theater in the past, this is a Tumblr I appreciate.”

– Dan Mirk

Low Budget Beasts 

Uber for Life

“Uber is trying to raise more money.  So charging $200 for a 5 min cab ride DIDNT WORK?!”

– Patrick Courtney 

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