Fresh off her appearance on the Justin Bieber Roast, Martha Stewart is getting a lot of hot hot buzz for her comedy skills. Little did you know, Conan O’Brien has been hip to this side of Martha for years. They may seem like a weird pairing at first, but check out their incredible rapport when they’ve appeared on each others’ shows:


Conan and Martha decorate Glittering Eggs for Easter

I love how Martha ignores and powers through Conan’s bits and keeps decorating her eggs.  Spoiler alert: Conan’s egg turns out horribly and Martha’s is perfectly evenly glittered. I love the mommy and son vibes in their banter.

Conan O’Brien builds a twig peg rack on Martha Stewart Crafts

The thing I love most about this DIY is the palpable sexual chemistry between Martha and Coco. “I thought he’d enjoy doing something with his hands.” Martha, behave ! Also what the hell is a twig peg rack and why would you ever want to make one?  Martha gets some good burns in like “I thought you were actually stronger than you seem.” Conan’s reaction at 1:24 is *muah* so good. That muah was me making a savoring kissing gesture.




Conan visits Martha in Connecticut 

Conan lies down on Martha’s kitchen counters and prompts her to talk about cadaver explorations. They do a salt tasting of Martha’s six different salts and Conan reviews them as all “salty.” Basically Conan’s giant crazy man child runs amok around her kitchen, and Martha ends up eating Cheez Wiz off her palm and downing it with a PBR.

There are so many perfectly Conan AND perfectly Martha exchanges including this one:

Conan (holds up a large jar): “A human brain”!

Martha: “No that’s preserved quince.”

Conan and Martha make a St. Patrick’s Day Meal

I feel like this is the perfect Venn Diagram of my interests: a cooking show + late night comedy. I would watch the SH*T out of this if it were on TV every day.

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