Last week, Men’s Rights Activist and general Prince Charming, Roosh Vorek, made a case for legalizing rape in this article. Some Men’s Rights Activists responded, saying that Vorek doesn’t represent the entire MRA community. Given the apparent complexity of the Men’s Rights Activist identity, we’ve generated an easy-to-read Venn Diagram to explore this exciting underworld of men under the impression that they are anything but all-powerful.

Below is a Venn diagram, illustrating the complex relationship between men’s rights activists, rapists, cry babies, literal feces, and sun-baked garbage.


mens-rights-venn-diagram copy


As the diagram shows, while most men’s rights activists are a combination of rapists, cry babies, literal feces, and sun-baked garbage, some MRAs are merely literal feces.

Then still, while some MRAs are rapists, a fair portion are hot, stinky rapists or whiny rapists.

The population of MRAs that are hot poop is separate from the population that are crying poop babies, except where some population of MRAs are hot, crying poop babies.

Continued extrapolation from the diagram yields numerous populations – e.g. hot, stinky poop rapists – but it is easily concluded that men’s rights activists are stinking poopy baby dicks.

Joanna Bradley is a comedian in New York. You can check out more of her stuff at 
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