Hot on the heels of the news that Apple’s new iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack, Microsoft made a surprise announcement of its newest Windows Phone model, which features over 64 headphone jacks that are 100% compatible with the earbuds you already have.

The new phone, dubbed Windows Phone Zune 64, will be the most headphone-compatible phone on the market and was designed after careful market testing. “We’ve found that consumers already have anywhere from one to 64 sets of headphones already. Rather than making them buy new headphones to work our phone, we’re going to let them use the headphones they already have, all at the same time,” said Microsoft VP Ed Taylor.

The initial feedback from the press with positive. “The new iPhone without a headphone jack has already angered a lot of buyers, and Microsoft is giving them even more than they asked for,” wrote an editorial in Tech Crunch. “This is exactly the kind of comeback product that Windows Phone needs in the marketplace.”

The announcement was followed by rumors that Samsung would be releasing both a 128 headphone jack phone and a -1 headphone jack later this winter.

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