Donning a sombrero to speak during a recent campaign stop in Florida, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence announced that he “speaka the Spanish just like Señor Kaine,” his first public reference to the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee.

Veering from an accent that honestly sounded more like an Italian stereotype to spouting off rudimentary Spanish phrases such as “¿Donde está la biblioteca?” the Indiana governor appeared frustrated that his efforts were not met with the same warm reception Tim Kaine’s command of the Spanish language has received on the campaign trail.

“I thought this was important to you people,” Mr. Pence muttered as he shuffled his papers before the silent crowd, making no reference to running mate Donald Trump’s claims that Latin American immigrants are predominately criminals.

“Oh, you’re going to like this,” said Pence, gesturing to the piñata he had brought with him. “Eh?”

Members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce remained silent as the Vice Presidential nominee then muttered “very well” before excusing himself from the stage and leaving the building.

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