Hey guys, this is a neat place! I love all these old signs they have in here. So funky! Where’s a menu? Can someone get me a menu?

It’s where? What chalkboard? I don’t see the chalkboard. Oh ok. Now I see it.

Wait, what’s that beer I liked? Wasn’t there one I liked when we went to Miami last year? We were at that place on the water and had that waitress who had an ADORABLE figure. She was a great waitress. I wish she worked here.

I don’t KNOW what it tasted like. I know it was a beer and I drank it in a glass. It was very refreshing, I do remember that. But then your mother got in one of her moods and ruined the beer. But the beer was still good. If a beer can still be good after hearing Sue complain about her roommate’s weird smell, then it’s a good beer, trust me.

None of these are the beer I liked.

None of these are the beer I liked.

We’re not putting her in another home. That home is nice.

So what is the beer I liked? Don’t you remember? I kept going on and on? I never like beer, but I liked that beer.

IPA? No, it wasn’t an IPA. I’ve never tried an IPA. It just doesn’t sound like something I’d like.

Oh! It was light yellow.

I don’t care if people are waiting to order! They’ll get their beers in a second when I remember what my beer was. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

They really can’t just print out menus for everyone?

You know what? We’re going. This is a ridiculous establishment. The young people here are very strange. What are these haircuts? David, do your friends have haircuts like that?

This beer is killing me. What was that beer?

Oh! It was a Bud Light. Yes, that’s it. It was a Bud Light. Honey, order me a Bud Light.

They don’t have Bud Light? Ok, well then what do they have?

Miller Light? I don’t know…I don’t think I’d like that. Just order me a ginger ale.

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