I love Halloween, but as someone with a tight budget, it’s hard to justify spending all that money on big bags of candy. Year after year, I am forced to turn sad trick-or-treaters away from my door empty handed. But this October, I’ve come up with a genius money saving life hack: horde free mints all month to give out as Halloween candy!


I got this genius idea the other day when I was at my favorite local diner, where I often go and order only coffee and sit for hours. On my way out, I grabbed a mint from a bowl on the counter. Noticing that the area was unattended, I shoved another handful into my pockets. What a thrill! Then it hit me—this is basically an unlimited supply of free candy.


But diners aren’t the only source for this free candy. There is an endless supply of mints out there, if only you know where to look. Hotel lobbies, banks, theaters, car washes, hair salons—the list goes on. Just wait until no one is watching and pour that bowl of mints into your bag. Always be sure to leave one or two behind to avoid suspicion.


Some of you might be wondering if it’s unethical to take advantage of the free mint system. Admittedly, it falls into a moral gray area. But when you see the moderately satisfied faces of those costumed children as you toss handfuls of loose mints into their bags, you’ll know you made the right choice, for them and for your bank account.



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