Hey everybody! Eagle-Eye Cherry here. For those of you who haven’t been following my career, I’m a singer-songwriter and son of the legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry. You probably remember my 1998 mega-smash hit, “Save Tonight.”

Come on, I’m sure you know it. It was a pretty huge record back in the 90s. It reached number one on the Billboard charts, and it was even featured on an episode of Daria. I mean, in the summer of 1998, “Save Tonight” was EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t turn on your radio without hearing me, or Shawn Mullins, or Duncan Sheik, or, of course, Tal Bachmann. Great guys, all of them.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why Eagle-Eye Cherry is all up in your Internet right now. Where are you, the AOL Homepage? Are you surfing the Web with Google Chrome or a time machine?

Haha, it’s okay. I don’t blame you for being a bit confused.

It’s just that I saw Monica Lewinsky had written a big essay for Vanity Fair, seeking to “reclaim her narrative,” and now it’s all anyone can talk about! So, after I read her article, I thought, “If Monica’s doing it, why not me, too? Aren’t the folks out there curious about what Eagle-Eye Cherry is up to? Monica says she’s burning the beret and burying the blue dress; isn’t it time for me to – uh, do the equivalent of that, but for the fashion accessories that I am most associated with?”

So, here I am! Eagle-Eye Cherry, back in the limelight. What’s up, everybody?

Life’s been pretty good for old Eagle-Eye since “Save Tonight,” I’ve gotta say. I’ve released a few albums since then. “Save Tonight” was in the 2005 Ashton Kutcher movie A Lot Like Love, which was pretty exciting for all of us.

Also, I was at this karaoke bar a few years ago ago, and this guy totally started singing my song, so I got up onstage and we performed a classic duet!

At first, he was pretty confused by who I was, and why I had ripped the microphone out of his hand. But after I explained the situation to him, he really calmed down and thought it was pretty neat. He even tweeted about it!

What else can I tell you?  I don’t know, I’m just sitting here, in my home, pretty excited about the reemergence of 1998 in the public consciousness. I mean, what’s next: A sequel to The Waterboy?  A new commercial for the Budweiser “Wasssup” guys? Maybe Kanye or Bieber or someone could cover “Save Tonight.” Just thinking out loud here. Maybe Rihanna. I don’t know, just brainstorming.

Anyway, that’s about all the news on the Eagle-Eye Cherry front. Thank you to Monica Lewinsky for getting everyone thinking about the late 90s again, and here’s hoping Vanity Fair publishes some op-eds by Ananda Lewis or Babyface to keep this trend going.

Oh, and my agent would kill me if I didn’t mention that you should check out my new album, Can’t Get Enough (and don’t even think about downloading it on Kazaa! LOL).

It was great to catch up with all of you. And remember, Cherry fans: Keep saving tonight, and keep fighting against the break of dawn. Because come tomorrow – well, tomorrow, we’ll be gone.

Peace out, everyone!

Jason O. Gilbert is a writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Slate, McSweeney’s, and many other fine publications. You can follow him on Twitter here. 



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