Above Average’s staff answers the question: What’s the best thing you saw on the internet this week? Here are our staff picks for some casual reading.


A Panda That Just Won’t Let Go

“This is how I feel six seasons in to a crappy TV show, but I’m convinced it’s still good”
– David Ingber


That Time Josh Poole Was On The Cooking Channel

“This might be everyone’s pick this week”
– Patty Izquierdo, Katherine Shoemaker


Wow This Mastiff Is The Opposite Of Agile

“Me in dog form”
– Michael Karnell


Two Tickets To The Gun Show

“Here’s a Google search of Canadian prime minister “Justin Trudeau Boxing,” you’re welcome:”
-Glenn Boozan


Rotting Decorative Gourd Season

“Follow up to one of my favorite McSweeney articles”
– Kelly Harper


The Holidays Personified

“If Christmas and Chanukah were people, YUP.”
– Courtaney Craig


Deep Thoughts 

“The music and graphics really elevate Jack Handey’s ‘Deep Thoughts’ to its max potential.”
– Louis Caggiano


Billy Mays Is Yelling At You

A collection of my favorites.
– Jarret Matlock


This Monkey Loves Magic!

No comment.
– Jordan Edelstein


Bob Marley Puns

YO FREEEEND. Office humor! Amiright?!
– Jay Cohen



Blooper Reel

– Nathan Kloke



“I’m Andrew. This is really hard!’
– Andrew Ford

You’re Tiny People. Can You Open The Fridge And Get The Lemon?

Clickhole, Again

– Celeste Ballard

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