Canadian-born musician Justin Bieber has been accused in the past of appropriating black culture with his hair, clothing, and even musical style.

But has the young pop star gone too far this time? Bieber was spotted strolling the streets of Los Angeles sporting the hat, beard, and general apparel typically associated exclusively with Hasidic Jews, a particularly religious sect with very few ties to current popular culture or fashion.

“We find this display to be offensive,” said one LA-based rabbi. “If he thinks he can — oh, weird, he just changed into what appears to be a geisha outfit. That’s equally offensive, but you should probably talk to someone else for a quote.”


“Absolutely disgusting display,” said Japanese Consul General Akira Chiba, as Bieber quickly removed his kimono and put on a 1920s newsies outfit.

And before we could find anyone else, Bieber was already wearing a cartoon hippo costume with a pink tutu, shouting “Do people respect me as an artist yet?” repeatedly.

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