“They real funny still cuz he was a gorilla who got killed and stuff. Like he was being a gorilla and picked up a boy and was shot to death LOL. Did you ever think they’d shoot a gorilla in a zoo that’s so funny,” said the collective voice of all idiots. Most people agreed with the idiots that the killing of an animal was indeed very, very funny and deserved to be repeated for months.

“To be extra funny, we took the dead animal, and we made little pictures, and then we put funny words on them, and then we posted them on every Facebook post we saw, even if it didn’t have a connection to gorillas or nothing cuz that’s 110% funny,” added all idiots. Most people showed their support by liking or upvoting or otherwise approving of the idiots’ choices.

“We can’t be wrong though cuz TV peoples and even some real comedy professionals, they did them Harambe jokes too a month or two back, so this definitely is equally funny now, just like how Peter Griffin is still as funny as it was in 1999 when Family Guy premiered,” said idiots who barked this sentiment through their cheesesteak-filled mouths. It’s all very, very, very funny indeed.

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