Movies That Would Have Been Way Better With Minions In Them

The release of Minions is upon us! In just one day, the Despicable Me spinoff will bring hundreds of little, yellow, bouncy minions to the big screen. Here are a few other movies that would have greatly benefited from having a few minions around:

Jurassic  Park
minions movie
Raptors can smell fear, but they can’t smell minions since minions don’t smell like anything at all. They’re basically just scentless, oily rubber. Also Jeff Goldblum and a minion would have been a dynamic pairing.

minions movie
Rose probably could have held on to Jack a little longer if she had a bunch of minions on that raft with her. Also if she even TRIED. (RIP JACK)

minions movie
Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where Minions fly at my nose.
Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.

Fight Club
minions movie
“First rule of fight club: Poka babble poopayae!”

The Godfather
minions movie
The one thing Don Corleone was missing was some extra minion muscle. And he would have saved a lot of money too, because minions work for 67 cents an hour (they have no union).

Say Anything
minions movie
Fun fact: the minions are huge Peter Gabriel fans. They would have done a killer rendition of “In Your Eyes” for this scene.

minions movie
These little guys would have been a welcome addition to the Nazi party.

The Breakfast Club
minions movie
“What we found out was that each one of us is a brain… and an athlete… and a basketcase… BANANA BANANA … a princess… and a criminal. Sincerely, the Breakfast Club.”

minions movie
It would have been a lot less lonely out there for Sandy Bullock if she had Kevin and the gang to keep her company.

Toy Story
minions movie
“Claw. Banana. Claw. Banana. Claw. Banana.”

The Terminator
minions movie
To be honest it’s way easier to understand what the minions are saying than it is to understand anything that Arnold Schwarzenegger says ever.

minions movie
Screw Robin. Batman could have had dozens of tiny, yellow creatures yelling and bumping into each other as he tried to clean the streets of Gotham.