Look, a lot of people have been coming down on me for filming Malia Obama smoking pot at Lollapalooza, calling me a “tool” or a “narc”- but I’m not sorry. Whether a festival or club show, drugs ruin the concert for everyone, and I’d do it again.

Honestly, I didn’t even know that was one of the president’s daughters when I took out my phone. I’m at a point where I’ve stopped even going to concerts to see the bands perform at all. I derive far more pleasure from doing the right thing, filming people I see smoking and posting the video to the internet like one of those fundamentalist church groups that records all the license plates in the porno store parking lot and publishes them in the local newspaper.

Just like an adult enjoying pornography ruins a community, so do drugs ruin a concert. Rock music has never been about getting “wasted” or “faded” or whatever the young people are calling it. Rock music is about standing very still and respectfully nodding to the beat and then going home to your one bedroom apartment.

And no, there’s nothing strange about going to a concert by yourself, I am pretty sure that lots of other people do it.

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