What up, world? It’s Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga here, newly crowned spelling p-i-m-p-s of America and, yeah, we’re ready to fuuhhhhh. So whenever you are ready, send in the spelling h-o-e-s cause we’re gonna rip and blast all through this Memorial Day weekend right on into forever.


Subtract 20 years and this lady is my J-a-m-A-L-a-m.

And, hey, just because we’re co-champs there’s no pressure to rustle up twice the tail. We’re more than down to s-h-a-r-e the wealth. We won the Bee together, now we’re going to slay some b together. It’s cold at the top of your game, we might as well become eskimo brothers. So, yeah, whenever you find them send those hot, tight spell-heads our way.

For your ref, I (Jairam) am into blondes and Nihar will take pretty much whatever. And, look, sexy is subjective so if you’re confident and cool I bet we’ll all have a damn blast. We’re staying at the Hyatt in Oxon Hill, Maryland for the weekend doing press, poppin bottles. Come on up to room 413, the concierge knows to let any and all young h-o-n-i-e-s right up. Oh, and we’re in middle school so if there’s grass on the field we actually can’t play ball.

See you soon! Love, peace and c-o-p-u-l-a-t-i-o-n.


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