Now that Netflix’s hit drug trade drama ‘Narcos’ is back with ten all new episodes, fans are wondering: what’s the best way to binge watch this show? We reached out to the good folks at Netflix, and they sent us this handy guide. Happy binging!

-Set aside an evening to watch the first four episodes in one sitting. This will properly set the scene for the eventual downfall of Pablo Escobar.

-Keep Wikipedia handy. Besides being a total thrill-ride, Narcos offers plenty of historical insights that will have you clamoring to learn more!

-Call your guy. It’s going to be a long night. You’ll want cocaine.

-Invite a friend over. Maybe two! Even the most seasoned TV-bingers need to decompress with some intermittent conversation and cocaine.

-Rail that shit like you’re Jack Bauer, baby. Did Jack Bauer do cocaine? We’re going to operate under the assumption that Jack Bauer did a lot of cocaine.

-Stock up on pizza and snacks!

-Buy more cocaine. Your guy says he’s out of cocaine. Your guy’s a fucking liar, Chris. This is your home. You know what’s in your home? Your kitchen. You know what’s in your kitchen? Your kitchen knife. Does your guy know that? Make sure your guy knows that. Make sure your guy never forgets.

-Put that sweet sugar zamzam in your nose cavity. You’re the king of the fucking world, Chris. Feel your heart beating like a jackhammer on concrete. You’re a god. You ARE God.

-You’ve already watched the entire second season. Where has the time gone? More importantly, where are your friends? Are they with the cops? Are they the cops? You’ve got to blow this joint, man. Get out of here NOW. Bring the knife. BRING THE KNIFE YOU FUCK.

-Or, if you’re not quite “binged out” just yet, check out another hit Netflix drama, ‘Stranger Things’! Happy binging!

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