The Hillary Clinton email scandal apparently goes deeper than many believed, as new leaked emails reveal Secretary Clinton has not responded to any of my emails.

“This just solidifies the worst fears of all her detractors,” I said to myself, while alone in my room.

If Hillary is so careless as to ignore my emails, who else is she blowing off? FBI Director James Comey? President Obama? My other email account that I use to email Hillary???

I’ll admit, I was a Hillary supporter from day one, but I can no longer in good conscience support someone who is unable to respond to any of my emails, including the ones labeled “URGENT.”

On the other hand, Donald Trump has responded to every single one of my emails personally. Granted, every response has been riddled with grammatical errors, and he’s called me a “pussy” in no less than 12 of the emails, but he’s attentive. And that’s what I’m looking for in a leader.

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