Facing declining profits and falling cultural relevance, Slim Jim unveiled a new product Thursday to spice up its product line: the Slim Jim Everlasting Meat Gum. The meat-flavored candy is a brand new product category in the jerky market, letting you savor the raw, salty juices of jerky for 5-7 hours each day.

President and CEO of Slim Jim, Jim Slim hailed the new meat-based innovation saying, “Summer is here and it’s chewy chewy beef time! We’re prepared to fill the meat gum demand before anyone even asks.”

Slim Jim Package

Slim Jim Everlasting Meat Gum allows Slim Jim lovers the ability to sample a new, unique Slim Jim recipe that combines mechanically separated chicken and butadiene-based synthetic rubber. The meat gum is set to come in 6 different beefy flavors: Peachy Pork, Minty Wet Sauce, Watermelon Dry Rub, Cherry Lime Steaktips, Liquid Smoke, and Shwarma.

Lifelong customer, Jan Thin is delighted by the meat gum stating, “If you like meat, this is not bad”.

After years of evaluation by FDA, the fleshy-rubber hybrid was approved for mass consumption early this year. Slim Jim’s early entry to the meat gum market won’t be unchallenged for long, however, as competition is expected to heat up with the upcoming release of Trident’s Buffalo Ice.

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