It seems like every year, a new crop of trendy superfoods emerges. While kale, quinoa, and acai berries remain staples of a healthy diet, the current batch of up-and-coming superfoods are packed full of nutritional benefits, and are sure you have your body being all like, “woah.”

Maca Root


This root is full of protein and antioxidants, as well as a variety of other essential nutrients. Toss maca powder into a smoothie for a healthy concoction that will get your body saying, “whaa…?”



This middle-eastern grain is giving quinoa a run for its nutritional money. With 10 grams of protein and fiber in each serving, substitute it for rice in your favorite dish for an even more filling and nourishing meal. Your digestive system will be so shocked, it’ll be like, “shut the fuck up with this right now.”

Sacha Inchi


These nutty flavored seeds from Peru make a great snack full of essential fatty acids. Your body, which you have punished for years with Pringles and Diet Coke, might literally slap you right in your own face.



This exotic relative of cabbage is great source of fiber and vitamin C. The moment you take your first bite of this stuff, your body will straight-up be all, “you sly son of a bitch.”

While these tasty foods are all the rage now, it won’t be long before they’re out of style. So be sure to catch your sad, sluggish body off guard by trying one of these delicious superfoods today!

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