Buckle up, presidential candidates – with Alex Trebek slated to host the next debate, you’d best beware that there will be absolutely no fucking around.

“I’m used to putting know-it-alls in their place,” Trebek told us while also putting us in our place. “I won’t have any interruptions at my debate. I won’t have any answering out of turn. And I sure as hell won’t have any silly dance move celebrations. I’m not kidding.”

Trebek was hired by the Commission on Presidential Debates to crack down on any misbehavior from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, after past moderators failed to – as Trebek put it – “lock shit down.”

“I’m not scared of Alex Trebek,” said a defiant Donald Trump, before catching some serious side-eye from Alex Trebek. “Actually, that was a lie. I’m incredibly scared of Alex Trebek.”

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