Could Kim Jong Un BE any crueler?

Just as his people were getting excited for the long-awaited DVDs of the popular American television show “Friends,” the North Korean dictator banned all form of sarcasm.

This is not a parody of the news. This is a thing that actually happened. In a real country. In 2016.

“We cannot risk hearing the wry observations of Chandler and his Minions of Distrust,” Kim said through a microphone that he believed was broadcasting to the homes of all 24.9 million North Koreans. “Sarcasm is humor, and humor is lying, and lying is insurrection!”

Though Korean citizens were excited to invite Monica, Gunther, Tom Selleck, and the rest of the gang into their homes, the episodes had been heavily edited by the Kim Jong Un’s extensive Censorship Bureau.

But DVD-watchers can still expect to see classic episodes, such as “The One Where Joey Says Hi To Phoebe And It Cuts To Credits Before He Can Make A Joke” and “The One Where The Monkey Gets Away,” because Kim Jong Un just really likes that one.

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