The inevitable has happened: this afternoon, President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The move was entirely expected and predictable however President Obama went one surprising step further. He offered to let Secretary Clinton take over the presidency as early as tomorrow.

obama dead eye

“Hillary Clinton is experienced, steady and qualified,” Obama declared in his pre-recorded statement. “I have no doubt she could become president tomorrow and do an excellent job. In fact, I asked her if she would just start tomorrow because, I’m uhhhh, 1000% done with this.”

Obama went on to explain that being president for 8 years “deeply and profoundly sucks” and he’s been ready to move on “since, uhhhh, Day 2.”

“Michelle is over it. I’m over it. You know the girls are over it. Even the dogs seem super over it. Bo just kind of lays around and looks at me like, ‘I can’t wait to shit without Secret Service protection. We’re just ready to go. So uhhh, Hillary, feel free to come by tomorrow. I have an extra set of keys made up, I can show you the launch codes and you can just start now.”

The Clinton camp has offered no reply but, come on. She’ll do it.

Images via Getty, NY Daily News

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