Welp, egg on my face.

For the last two months, I’ve been talking to everyone who will listen about how I’ve been getting really into soccer lately. So didn’t I feel stupid when I opened up my computer this morning and checked BBC Football (my new homepage) to find out that FIFA just indicted 11 officials for corruption, bribery, and racketeering.

Fuck. I JUST started getting into it, too. I bought an ESPN 2 package, joined an intramural league, and watched tons of YouTube clips about football. Sorry, I mean soccer. Ugh, see? I’m in deep at this point, dude.

Now I can’t walk around and say, “I’m really into soccer.” People will say “Um, but did you hear…” and I’ll have to say “Yeah, yeah I did hear. And it’s messed up.” I’ll look like an idiot with his head in the sand.

Now I have to decide if I should keep getting into soccer, or leave now. Honestly, I think it’s too late to go back. I’ve logged so many hours. I made flashcards of all the teams and their starters because I didn’t want David Beckham to be the only name I knew. Ugh, this blows.

My other soccer buddies are gonna be so upset. I’m upset and I haven’t even been into soccer for that long. I was THIS close to buying a plane ticket to Belize for a game.

I bought a Ronaldo jersey and everything.

I have to stop liking soccer now, which sucks, because I thought soccer was safe. It’s not as violent as football, not as druggy as baseball, and people get impressed when you’re into a niche thing. And it’s European! Everything in Europe is less horrible than stuff in America! If I had known FIFA was gonna pull a stunt like this, I would have chosen some less corrupt sport. Like cycling, that’s a good one. It’s just bikes, how bad can that be? Plus, I’ve always been a big Lance Armstrong fan.

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