Attendees of Gathering– a monthly warehouse rave in Springfield, Massachusetts- were deeply bummed out this week after noticing an old man dancing by himself in a Hawaiian shirt. None of the ravers in attendance knew the old man, or had ever seen him before.

“What’s his deal?” asked a young raver named Skyhorse, who noted that while the old man was not being skeevy, he was really bringing down the vibe of the room. “He really shouldn’t be here. He’s reminding everyone of the inevitability of death.”

According to security guards, the old man had arrived alone and had not ordered any drinks, instead heading right to the dance floor where he had been smiling too hard for the bulk of the evening.

“He’s not technically doing anything wrong, so I can’t kick him out,” said guard Tyson Jefferson. “I kind of want to though, he’s really bumming everybody out.”

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