It’s July, which means vacation season is in full swing! Usually travel means spending that well-earned moolah, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. For those of you in penny-pinching mode, there’s a very special destination that’ll save you tons: your garage, which can be fun! Here are a few ways to get the most out of your four-walled, on-property destination vacation.

Paint the tennis ball dangling from your ceiling yellow.

There’s not a ton of natural light in your garage, but you can brighten things up with a little elbow grease and paint. This furry little green ball is now the sun!

Take a day trip to the mailbox.

While it’s plausible that your garage might be entertaining, it’s always nice to explore a new place for the day. Plan a day trip to the mailbox and check out some exciting new junk mail, past-due bills, and crinkled J. Crew catalogs.

Sip on some expired beer.

It’s been sitting there since your parents, who own this garage, threw your dad’s 50th birthday party in 2002. The taste will be a little off, but it’s more fermented, thus speeding up that blackout you will desperately crave. Gulp, gulp, gulp!


Make a vacation auto responder. It’s ok to lie!

You know you’re not technically out of town, but nobody else has to. So why not pretend? Keep it vague so people won’t get suspicious when you post zero pictures on Facebook. When you turn that baby on, you’ll almost feel like you’re somewhere other than a structure that is 86% concrete.

Flick the switch over and over again to make the door go up and down.

The Wi-Fi signal is pretty week in the garage, so entertainment will be somewhat limited. Thank God for that bare lightbulb! Block of an entire afternoon and indulge in some good, old-fashioned repetition. It’ll feel like heaven at this point.

Indulge in local cuisine by ordering Vietnamese on Seamless.

After gorging all week on bulk Kirkland trail mix from Costco, it’s time to treat yourself! Vietnamese food is delicious. You know what else it is?  Technically local if the restaurant is within a 50-mile radius of your garage.

Check out the nightlife.

Grab your own hand and take a romantic stroll around the perimeter of the garage. You can’t see the moon, but you’ll learn quickly that the sky is overrated. Is kissing yourself on the hand ok to do? Sure! Nobody will know anyway.

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