After a whirlwind tour of Manhattan, New York visitor Jerri Hutton gestured towards a pigeon and exclaimed, “Only in New York!” Hutton, an accountant a Fort Worth construction firm, was visiting New York as part of a Groupon Getaway when she stumbled upon the bird, which Wikipedia describes as, “distributed everywhere on Earth.”

From the moment she stepped off the plane, Hutton was enchanted by the unique features that set New York apart from other cities. “They told me there were bagels here, and man, they weren’t kidding!” she said.


Hutton was excited to cap her trip with such a quintessential New York experience, telling reporters, “I’ve only been here a few days, but I really feel like I’ve gotten to know the city!” When the pigeon flapped away from a passing cyclist, Hutton repeated her exclamation, “Only in New York!” According to Hutton’s fellow tour members, the 38-year-old mother of three made the same remark when a man crossed the street without a walk signal and while a construction worker was eating his lunch.

“It’s a completely different lifestyle here,” Hutton said. “This truly is the city that never sleeps!” she said upon learning that the Olive Garden in Times Square is open until 11:00 PM. Hutton spent her four day vacation absorbing New York experiences like shopping at H&M and taking public transportation. “Only in New York!” she repeated while passing a street-performer of medium talent.

At press, Hutton was deleting family photos from her iPhone to try and capture a video of another pigeon pecking at a pizza crust.

Nicole Conlan is a writer and comic from Denver. She’s a producer for SB Nation and has appeared on SF Sketch Fest, Crom Comedy Fest, UCB’s Maude Night, and a lot of weird basements around New York.

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